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The United Kingdoms or more commonly known as the UK is made up of four countries, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Scotland, Wales, and England make up the Great Brittan. The United Kingdom is located on the north-western coast of the European continent. The north and west regions of UK consist of sharp mountain ranges, valleys, and high grounds. This part of UK was formed during the last ice age a time when the entire region was covered by glaciers. Southern England is covered with rolling hills/ Scotland and northwest England filled with many lakes also known as lochs. These lakes were a result of the melting glaciers. They are often narrow, and ling and many can be several meters deep. The legend of the Loch Ness monster comes from here, as per the legend a monster names Nessie, lives in these lochs.<br /> The best time to visit the UK is the Summers. The weather is fab; the cities are bustling, the streets are swarming with people. The general atmosphere is bright and lovely. Although it's not expected to get too hot in the UK during the summer, the temperature on an odd day can reach 30 degrees Celsius and these days can be quite muggy and unbearable, especially if you are sightseeing all day.

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